Hello and welcome to Juju Bug and Co. 

We are Kaylea and Dana, two regular moms with a weakness for cuteness. Best friends, both Kaylea and Dana are mothers to daughters and obviously love to twin with their little ladies. Finding matching shirts isn’t easy and as moms to young kids simple is the name of the game, thus, Juju Bug and Co. was born-- a set of matching styles shipped to your door monthly. Simple. Cute. Fun.

Kaylea has a love of all things girly, design experience and a self proclaimed sense of “extra.” This “extra” paired with Dana’s background in apparel, creativity and quick wit was the inspiration behind Juju Bug! That along with their daughter’s nicknames. (Meet Hunter June (Juju) and Norah (Bug)... and the newest addition to the girl squad Palmer.)

We hope you love our designs, we hope to bring a smile to your face but more importantly we hope you and your mini's make magical memories in your matching shirts.